Good Businesses Improve Lives

1 min read Good Businesses Improve Lives

Even founders fundraising slip into status harvesting instead of company building.

A friend of mine runs a great company. Chip hasn't gone to college and can't code, yet is on a $1mm+ run rate this year. I could learn a thing or two from him.

One of his businesses: he hires people to cut and deliver firewood. Gets the trees for free and makes $50k a year in profit. Doesn't lift a finger but to cash the checks.

Another one of his businesses: landscaping. He'll help you design and construct your backyard. He's busier than ever since the coronavirus pandemic began.

YCombinator is famous for reminding founders to "make something people want." Chip's known this since he started his landscaping business at 14, and hasn't yet raised a round.

Firewood keeps you warm and brings the people you love together. Simple.

A nice yard makes you feel better about being stuck at home during a pandemic. Simple.

Chip's building a good business, and good businesses improve lives. Simple, but hard. A reminder to myself.