2 min read Spacemaking

One thing I loved about living in Singapore were the plants. Great, big, leafy trees; vines draped over the side of a building; palm fronds framing the gleaming skyscrapers.

It made me feel like my desk was in a forest. I felt good.

From Wired, haven't read the story:

After the insanity of launch when I didn't leave the house for 10 days and spent every waking hour at my computer, I really did not have the taste for any more time in my office. So I would go to a WeWork, or sit in my reading chair, but it got me thinking: how do I make myself like being in my office?

Well, turns out trees are great. I went to Home Depot and bought myself a mini forest.

And a fountain.

And a minifridge, stocked with healthy teas and water and snacks and Zyn. (I'm munching on a cheese I grabbed from my fridge right now.)

And a great computer light bar from Xiaomi. I don't know why this is so lovely, but it is.

And a Himalayan salt lamp:

And a KVM switch to go between work and personal so I can use the same monitor and keyboard between them.

And smart switches so I can tell Siri to turn on the lights in the morning when it's still a bit dark. I actually have it set on an automation.

And a little footrest as a kicker.

Have a great workspace, and do great work.